Add Your Name: Demand RBC "Break Up" With the Coastal GasLink Pipeline

RBC, it's time to #BreakUpWithGas. Your relationship with the Coastal GasLink pipeline is toxic.

We’ve been gaslit by the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) with empty promises about net-zero emission targets and “sustainable” financing. At the same time, they have invested $275 million in project financing for the Coastal GasLink pipeline and maintained their 8.6% ownership (roughly $1 billion dollar stake) of TC Energy, which is the company building Coastal GasLink.

The fact that Coastal GasLink will transport 2.1 billion cubic feet of fracked gas (methane) a day is of serious concern, as methane traps heat in the atmosphere 86 times more than carbon. Unfortunately, RBC’s empty promises don’t stop at climate goals. While RBC has publicly claimed to “respect the inherent right of Indigenous peoples to self-determination,” the Coastal GasLink pipeline construction is blatantly violating Indigenous rights by bulldozing through Wet’suwet’en territory and waters without the consent of the Hereditary Chiefs. 

RBC, either break up with the Coastal GasLink pipeline—or we’ll break up with you.

Sign our petition and tell RBC to #BreakUpWithGas by pulling all funding for the Coastal GasLink pipeline NOW.

RBC, stop funding the Coastal GasLink pipeline NOW!