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Add Your Name: Demand JPMorgan Chase "Break Up" With The Oil & Gas Industry

JPMorgan Chase, it's time to #BreakUpWithGas. Your relationship with oil and gas companies is toxic.

We’ve been gaslit by JPMorgan Chase with empty promises about net-zero emission targets and “sustainable” financing, all while they have invested $316 billion in fossil fuel financing from 2016 to 2020 alone

That amount of financing makes JPMorgan Chase the world's #1 worst fossil fuel bank.

JPMorgan Chase issued TC Energy $5 billion in loans for the Coastal GasLink pipeline, which will transport 2.1 billion cubic feet of fracked gas (methane) a day. This kind of fracked gas infrastructure will lock in methane emissions for decades to come, which is particularly concerning as methane traps heat in the atmosphere 86 times more than carbon. JPMorgan Chase is complicit in heavily investing in infrastructure that takes us further away from our carbon reduction goals

Sign our petition and demand that JPMorgan Chase #BreakUpWithGas by divesting all fossil fuel funding.

Demand JPMorgan Chase stop funding fossil fuels NOW!