Take The Pledge: Talk To Your Loved Ones About The Dangers of Gas Stoves

It’s time to #BreakUpWithGas. Our relationship with gas is toxic.

Gas stoves were found to release more than 28,000 metric tons of methane annually in the United States. That is roughly the same impact as 500,000 gas-powered cars driven for a year. Methane is even worse than carbon in terms of global warming - it has an 86% stronger warming effect on our atmosphere. 

A study showed that families with poor ventilation in their kitchens or those who don’t have/use range hoods can surpass the EPA’s outdoor standard for nitrogen dioxide within a few minutes of stove usage. This puts lower-income families with smaller, cramped kitchens at a much higher risk of air pollution. Even when gas stoves are turned off, they have been found to still leak methane. For the health of both our families and planet, we must “break up” with gas and switch to electric stoves.

Take our pledge today to promise to start a conversation with your friends and family about the dangers of gas stoves. We must #BreakUpWithGas!

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