Tell Governor Mike DeWine to Take Action in East Palestine, OH

Residents in East Palestine, Ohio have been repeatedly told that they are “safe” after a Norfolk Southern train derailment caused a huge release of hazardous chemicals into the air, land, and water. Meanwhile, residents are continuing to report that they are experiencing health issues, while also expressing concerns with the reliability of the provided testing. East Palestine residents deserve transparency and committed officials that prioritize the health & safety of all those affected. This includes, but is not limited to access to the following: 

Reliable medical monitoring. Residents need access to monitor and track health critical information about their health.

Unbiased environmental testing. Residents are understandably skeptical that tests being paid for by Norfolk Southern are reliable and trustworthy. The state must provide access to independent water and soil testing so that all residents can feel confident about their health.

Consistent, in-person communication with state officials. Residents deserve a space to have transparent conversations with officials, to raise concerns, and to ask questions, and be given answers.

Governor Mike DeWine must work immediately with environmental and health agencies to facilitate these actions in coordination with key stakeholders within impacted communities.

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Tell Governor DeWine to Take Action