Don't Default on Our Climate Future

Tell Congress: Say No to Negotiating Away the IRA

Fossil fuel executives and their political cronies are holding the American economy and our climate future hostage. Using the debt ceiling crisis to bolster their dirty agenda, these bad actors are threatening to repeal the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and push the US economy and climate goals off a cliff so they can pad their bank accounts. 

But the threat isn't just defaulting on America's debts, it's actually defaulting on America's climate future. The Inflation Reduction Act has already spurred $150 billion in new investments and over 142,000 newly announced jobs. So failure to raise the debt ceiling will cause harm to the nation and cutting widely-supported clean energy programs will cost us jobs while threatening our future. 

It’s time for our elected officials to live up to their promises to protect our communities, protect our economy, and stand up to Big Oil’s profiteering and pollution. 

Negotiating on this bill would spell economic and climate disaster. If lawmakers buckle under pressure and negotiate, then we backtrack on years of climate progress. 

Send a personalized letter to your members of Congress telling them to stand up for what's right, protect our clean energy future, and say no to negotiating away the IRA!


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