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Tell Your Senators: Reject the Dirty Permitting Reform Bill

No more filthy fossil fuel handouts!

Permitting reform doesn’t have to be complicated. The process for approving poisonous fossil fuel projects needs drastic overhaul in order to raise wages, lower energy costs, and protect the environment. The process for approving clean energy projects needs drastic improvement in order to usher in a renewable future, speed up clean energy construction, and stop fossil fuel companies from further rigging our system and eroding our democracy. 

Unfortunately, the permitting reform bill being heard in the Senate does none of this. It’s more of the same. The current dirty deal seeks to eliminate most environmental regulations, limit legal options for challenging permits issued to fossil fuel projects, and prop up dirty fossil fuels while crushing clean energy. 

Doubling down on fossil fuel handouts and rubber stamping approval of coal, oil, gas, and other dirty projects isn’t a great way to halt the climate crisis, create new jobs, or move the country and world forward, but that’s exactly what fossil fuel executives and their political cronies want. They’re counting on us not caring. 

Can you send a personalized letter to your Senators demanding they halt the dirty permitting reform bill and commit to a clean energy future? 


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