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Give Freeport LNG the Red Light

Tell President Biden: Revoke Freeport LNG's existing permits and deny further expansion

Freeport LNG -- one of the world's largest liquefied natural gas facilities -- has restarted after spending almost a year offline because it exploded. Now fossil fuel executives are trying to expand the facility. 

Restarting and expanding LNG is unscrupulous, ignoring the direct harm caused to the air, water, land and lungs of surrounding communities, as well as gas' overwhelming contribution to the climate crisis. 

Despite the associated dangers and direct opposition from members of the local community, Freeport keeps expanding and regulatory agencies keep giving green lights to their permits. In fact, Freeport hasn't even changed much with regards to safeguards to prevent explosions from happening again.

It's time to put a halt to these projects. Add your voice with the multitudes of others who know this must stop.

Send a personalized letter to Biden telling him to give the red light on Freeport's dirty project.


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