plastic floating in ocean
plastic floating in ocean

Tell Congress to Implement an Excise Tax on Virgin Plastic

Stand Up to Petrochemical Pollution

The ocean and humans are inexorably linked. So are petrochemicals, plastics, and the poison spilling into the sea, soiling our air, and creating places nicknamed “Cancer Alley.”

Virgin plastic – plastic made from fossil fuels – comes almost entirely from petrochemical plants, meaning pollution littering the sea is only part of the story. The other parts? Destruction of frontline communities, attacks on our hearts and lungs and lives, and invisible toxins all around. 

As we begin transitioning away from fossil fuels and demand for oil and gas slumps, a cabal of corporations and their political pawns are banking on plastic for their next stream of endless subsidies, revenue, and unchecked pollution. 

Now is the time to stand up to the corporate cabal and limit plastic production and demand. Ensure fossil fuel companies pay for their poisonous ways and demand a tax on virgin plastic manufacturing.

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