man in hard hat working on solar farm
man in hard hat working on solar farm

Tell Your Governor: Take Advtange of the Inflation Reduction Act

Create thousands of family supporting clean energy jobs.

We all remember our first job. The simultaneous novelty and abject horror that comes with slinging fry oil in a little hat or enduring daily assaults from overly-cologned clothing stores and teenage angst. 

Thankfully, there are more sustainable career opportunities. The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is set to bring tens of thousands of family sustaining jobs to states around the country, helping usher in a renewable future, halt the climate crisis, lower energy costs while raising the standard of living, and modernize crumbling American infrastructure and our unreliable fossil fueled energy grid. 

These good paying jobs are set to go to states that ask for them. In order to ask for them, states need to ensure they're set up to apply for and distribute these job creating funds. 

With your help, we can usher in a renewable revolution! Can you join us in asking your Governor to utilize IRA funds and bring countless clean energy jobs to your state? 

Tell your Governor: jumpstart the renewable future and bring IRA jobs to your state.


Help Create Clean Energy Jobs