workers looking at renewable energy project
workers looking at renewable energy project

Expedite renewable energy development

Help pass the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) proposed rules

Suns out, buns burnt, get the solar panels built.

As the climate crisis worsens, wages dip, and energy costs soar, renewable energy projects are trapped in a regulatory standstill made worse by fossil fuel foolishness and bad faith attacks. For decades, fossil fuel projects have enjoyed almost unfettered access to public lands. Renewables have received no such opportunity. 

Thankfully, the Bureau of Land Management proposed updated rules that’ll spur renewable development, ensure a clean energy future, and pass on cost savings and higher wages to Americans. 

These rules, which lower fees for renewable projects built on public lands and expedite permitting for renewables in priority areas, are a great step towards a clean energy future, and we need your help passing them. 

The Bureau needs to see that everyday people want renewables to go big and start fast. Send a personalized letter to the BLM in support of the proposed rules.

Tell the BLM: Make it easier to build renewables!


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