woman looking at petrochemical plant in pennsylvania
woman looking at petrochemical plant in pennsylvania

Tell Shell: Stop Playing Shell Games with Emissions

Hold Shell accountable for their pollution

Shell is playing shell games.

Though the fossil fuel megacorporation committed to zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, they’ve taken no steps to meet these goals. Instead, they’re boosting natural gas production and holding oil production at existing levels. They claim that selling some existing oil assets to ConocoPhillips means they met their emissions targets.

No pieces came off the board, they just flipped to a different fossil fuel player. 

The board is rigged, the game is rigged, and it’s well past time we stand up to the players doing the most polluting.

Can you send a personalized email to Shell’s CEO demanding they adhere to their established greenhouse gas targets and put an end to fossil fuel expansion?


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