big oil pollution art
big oil pollution artwork

Tell Your State Attorney General: Make Polluters Pay

It's time to sue Big Oil.

Big Oil has known for decades that burning fossil fuels was wrecking our climate. But after deciding that a transition to clean energy would be bad for business, climate polluters deliberately sowed doubt to undermine scientific truths

Then as the science became overwhelming and public understanding of climate change grew, companies shifted from denying climate science to portraying themselves as part of the solution

They Knew. They Lied. They’re Still Lying. 

Now, we’re left to deal with the increasingly devastating impacts of the climate emergency: impacts that could cost the nation trillions of dollars over the coming years. 

We want polluters to pay their fair share of dealing with the crisis they helped create.

We need all states at the table holding Big Oil accountable. We're stronger when we're united. But to be victorious, the Attorney General in every state need to see that they have the people on their side. They need the pressure – and support – to take Big Oil down.

Send a personalized email to your state attorney general – tell them it’s time to Make Polluters Pay and it's time to sue Big Oil. 


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