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LNG Facility

#StopCP2 & The Expansion Of Liquefied Natural Gas Exports

President Biden and the Department of Energy have the opportunity to stop the biggest build out of fossil fuels in US history: the construction of over 20 new liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facilities. If constructed, they could add the equivalent emissions of 675 coal-fired power plants.

For example, the proposed Calcasieu Pass 2 (CP2) export facility would be the largest built in human history and would produce over 20x more emissions than the Willow Project—the same level of emissions as 42 million gas-powered cars.

Not only will these export facilities affect our ability to mitigate climate change, but their approval will mean higher utility bills for American families. Local frontline communities will be exposed to pollutants that are linked to greater risks of heart disease, cancer, respiratory illness, and damage to reproductive systems and internal organs. That's why we're calling on the Department of Energy to stop CP2 and all new LNG permit approvals until they look at the impact these facilities will have on our communities, the climate, and US consumers.

This has to stop. With your help, we can send a powerful message to fossil fuel companies and their allies: fossil fuels cannot continue to expand unchecked.

Add your name to our petition urging our leaders to deny new LNG permit requests!

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