cars line up to get gas during a shortage

Let's Eliminate Fossil Fuels

On May 7, 2021, the Colonial Pipeline was hit by a cyber-attack. The Colonial Pipeline transports approximately 45% of all fuel consumed on the East Coast. The five-day shutdown is driving prices upward and causing panic at the gas pumps. The attack is being orchestrated by a group called DarkSide from somewhere in Eastern Europe.

This only proves that our dependence on obsolete fossil fuels is a weakness and not a strength.

It is time for America to have real independence—energy independence. Freedom from the grip of the giant corporations who extract fossil fuels from our lands to enrich shareholders, all while polluting our air and driving climate change at never-before-seen speeds. We have the opportunity to build distributed renewable energy systems, that are more resilient to cyber attacks while also ensuring healthier more sustainable communities.

President Biden has the tools to deliver healthy communities, millions of good-paying jobs, and a better life for people on the front lines of fossil fuel extraction, toxic pollution, and the climate crisis RIGHT NOW.

Will you call on President Biden to end the Era of Fossil Fuels and promote true energy independence across America?

Tell President Biden:
Build Back Fossil Free