Take action today to overturn what's been called the largest public corruption case in Ohio's history.

The FBI recently found that Ohio utility company First Energy paid $61 million in bribes as part of a scheme masterminded by Larry Householder, former Ohio Speaker of the House, to get a massive taxpayer-funded bailout for 2 First Energy coal plants and 2 nuclear power plants.

The result? House Bill 6.

House Bill 6 is the most regressive energy bill in the country, scaling back and eventually ending laws that require Ohio utilities to generate more power from wind and solar. The bill would:

  • increase utility bills by as much as $4000 per month (depending on usage) for Ohioan families and businesses
  • subsidize four uncompetitive power plants
  • remove all incentive for people to generate their own energy
  • cancel efforts to help customers use less energy

It is a bill only a utility (and the lawmakers who do its bidding) could love, an extravagant gift to utility investors that hoses Ohio ratepayers. HB6 was passed illegally and must be repealed.

Tell Speaker of the House Bob Cupp: Repeal HB6 Now!