In North Carolina, Duke Energy does not like people having freedom.

  • Freedom to choose how to power their homes;
  • Freedom to sell the energy they create at reasonable prices; and
  • Freedom to say, "No thank you," to their toxic waste-powered energy.

That is why Duke is working behind the scenes with the NC Senate to

  • Double the monthly charge on families who generate their own power.
  • It also wants low-ball solar families by paying lower buying rates during sunlight hours.
  • Make it easier to set up toxic hog waste processing plants that would create methane to generate power and 50 toxic fracked gas plants
  • Pass laws that would allow them to sneak in constant rate increases so it can keep hard working NC families hooked on to its dirty power at ever-increasing prices.

Make a call to your Senator today and ask them to promote energy independence from Duke Energy and their outdated 19th century fossil fuel technology.

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