Stop Gerrymandering! Demand Fair Maps.

Powerful forces are working to disenfranchise and suppress African-American and youth voters after record numbers showed up in 2020 elections. There are now even more increased gerrymandering efforts to redraw electoral district boundaries in key battleground states to dilute and divide the votes of people of color - drawing electoral lines that surgically splits neighborhoods right down the middle, in many instances.

They are also making it harder for low income citizens to access mail-in and absentee ballots or get time off from employers to get out and vote.

In order for us to act on the ongoing, and increasingly urgent, climate emergency and racial justice issues, it's crucial for all voices to be heard in elections, especially voices from the communities that have had to bear the worst impacts of the fossil fuel industry and climate change.

Sign our petition to demand that Senators stop gerrymandering and ensure fair maps.

Help Us Put A Stop To Gerrymandering!