Tell Congress: Declare a National Climate Emergency

Email Your Representative: Urge Them To Pass The National Climate Emergency Act! ​​

It’s 2022 and we deserve a world beyond fossil fuels—a world in which our leaders tell the truth, acknowledge the climate emergency, and implement an emergency-level response to stop it. Our critical window of opportunity to sound the alarm is quickly closing—it’s NOW OR NEVER.

Declaring a climate emergency would provide Congress and the President with access to the emergency resources necessary for fast-tracking our response to the climate crisis. Declaring a national climate emergency would not only provide emergency resources but would prioritize the issues of racial and economic justice that are intersected with the climate crisis.

Declaring a national climate emergency means solutions for our climate and communities. This is the year that we must see emergency level action - It’s #NowOrNever.

Email your Representative in Congress to urge them to declare a national climate emergency and pass H.R. 794.

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