400 Gallons of oil spilled in Milwaukee's water. Tell Mayor Cavalier Johnson that MKE needs an emergency-level response to climate change & fossil fuels.

99% of scientists agree: fossil fuel consumption is driving climate change at an unprecedented speed and it will take an emergency-level response to combat the climate emergency.

The effects of climate change are all around Milwaukee: rising lake levels, warmer, wetter winters, extreme summer heat, and even a 400 gallion oil spill in the Menomonee River this December. That’s why we’re calling on Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson to declare a state of emergency due to climate change.

Sign our petition stating:

Mayor Johnson, it’s time to declare a state of emergency due to climate change and take real action on the climate emergency. Milwaukee needs bold climate leadership, and I’m asking you to stand up and take action locally to ensure Milwaukee has the resources it needs to invest in measures such as climate mitigation and resilience, distributed renewable energy, environmental justice, climate education, and more.

More than 2,000 governments globally have declared climate emergencies and more than 150 towns, cities, counties, states, and tribal governments have declared a climate emergency in the U.S. It’s time for Milwaukee to join that list. Ask Mayor Johnson to declare a state of climate emergency today!

Mayor Johnson: Declare A Climate Emergency