Add Your Name: Demand President Biden Stop Line 5

The Line 5 Pipeline Puts Wisconsin Communities at Risk.
President Biden Can Shut It Down.

The Line 5 pipeline pumps over 540,000 barrels of dirty oil through Wisconsin every day. Line 5 has had 29 spills or leaks already, some of which were hidden by Canadian pipeline owner Enbridge. If the pipeline were to have a catastrophic failure, it would wreak havoc on Wisconsin’s lands and environment.

Take action now and tell President Biden:

President Biden: I urge you to use executive order to shut down the Line 5 pipeline in order to protect the people and environment of Wisconsin. This pipeline has caused multiple spills already and is a disaster waiting to happen.

Line 5 cuts through Wisconsin’s communities, Native American reservations, and even Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. Add your name to the petition today and let’s make sure Enbridge never spills another drop of oil inside of Wisconsin state lines!

President Biden: Shut Down Line 5