Support Energy Freedom In Wisconsin

Tell Gov. Evers that you support third-party solar!

In Wisconsin, you are not allowed to rent your roof to a third-party solar provider, forcing families that want to use solar panels to pay for them out-of-pocket. Third-party solar makes it easier for middle and lower class families to get the cost-effective solar panels they want to power their lives.

Right now there is a package of bills being introduced that will finally allow more people to go solar and leave the energy monopolies behind. The bills are called LRB 1550/1 and they will finally open Wisconsin’s energy markets, allowing more consumers to take advantage of low-cost, renewable solar energy through third-party solar providers.

If Gov. Evers got behind these bills, it would increase the likelihood that they actually get voted on. If we act now, we have a chance to influence Wisconsin’s energy policy!

Sign our petition and say:

“Gov. Evers: I support energy freedom in Wisconsin. I urge you to review and support LRB 1550/1 and make sure every person in Wisconsin has access to renewable solar power through third-party solar services.”

You can influence our legislative process. LRB 1550/1 will help democratize Wisconsin’s energy system, allowing for third party solar providers to finally be able to service Wisconsin’s growing solar market.

Take one minute and sign our petition to Gov. Evers now!

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