Get Registered. Take Action.

Your vote is your voice.

In a democracy, your vote is your voice, and decisions are made by those who show up at the polls! The first step in ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard equally is getting as many people as possible registered to vote. 

There are purposeful and strategic attempts to prevent certain voters from registering and voting—including People of Color and youth. This isn’t fair and prevents some of our voices from being heard when it comes time to make decisions and laws that affect our daily lives.

The best way to fight back is to get as many young people registered to vote, ensuring youth voices are heard and leaders are elected that reflect the values of our generation.

Do you think youth voices don’t matter? In the 2020 Presidential election, youth showed up in RECORD numbers — and yet still only 50% of eligible youth voters voted. Imagine the power of youth in elections if every eligible youth voter showed up. Youth would basically make or break every election and candidates would need to run on issues that youth care about to earn their votes if they want to win.

Register to vote today.