Tell your legislators that your state needs an emergency-level response to climate change.

The effects of climate change are already being felt in communities across the country. From devastating wildfires, hurricanes, flooding and record breaking heat waves, to the most recent IPCC report – we know the window for small, incremental action has closed.

Everything is on the line, and this is the moment to fight for our communities and the future we all deserve! It's #NowOrNever. That’s why we’re calling on our state legislators to declare a state of emergency due to climate change.

More than 2,000 governments globally have declared climate emergencies and more than 150 towns, cities, counties, states, and tribal governments have declared a climate emergency in the U.S.  Hawaii became the first U.S. state to declare a climate emergency in April 2021. It’s time for many more states to join Hawaii!

Sign this petition to demand that your state legislators pass a climate emergency declaration!


State Legislators: Declare A Climate Emergency